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Designing for Pride

Architectural design is a core to Architorium business. We always seek to create aesthetical, socially responsible, considerate buildings, which are inspirational to their users & the public while being both economically & environmentally sustainable. The Architorium in-house professional team provides customised services specific to the needs of our clients. Our work involves major new-build projects for our corporate clients

to private commissions across all methods of procurement. Our architectural range of services extends from acting as consultants, providing strategic advice & feasibility on development, regeneration and conservation, to providing full architectural services for building projects from inception to completion. Our team has extensive experience of designing & constructing blocks of flats and many other commercial projects. Whether you need restaurant,

office, hotel, student accommodation, HMO or block of flats, we can meet your needs, either by design only, or construction working drawings on a Design Build project, or handing over to you a complete dream project without hassle. We also carry out initial site feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of a site before purchase and give you that reassurance you need to invest in your scheme and to proceed with confidence.

Our range of services includes:
  • Planning Appeals
  • Feasibility studies, project definition
  • Building Control Applications
  • Expert witness in planning enquiries
  • Strategic planning studies
  • Planning Applications
  • Consultation with planning authorities
  • Architectural design, specification
  • Contract Administration
  • Consultation with EH, conservation groups
  • Tender Packages
  • Project Management