Our Practice - Architorium



Planning for Client, Future & Environment

Architorium is committed to excellence, which goes far beyond the design process and further into the future. Our pledge is to provide clean energy and renewable construction methods/materials. This means that our projects are built to last and have minimal impact on the environment. You can rest assured that with us, there is ample potential of ensuring continued use for generations to come. We understand that as buildings become increasingly complex, the integration of environmental systems and technologies plays a pivotal role in the success of a project through its conception, and at the point of delivery and during occupancy.

Architorium takes everything into consideration, making us an all-rounder consultancy! We begin this dialogue with our clients and partners as early as possible. This continues beyond practical completion, followed by post occupancy reviews to ensure that the building systems are understood and used effectively. We employ the most widely used Environmental Assessment methods, such as BREEAM and LEED. Our environmental design philosophy follows a robust ‘fabric-first’ approach, which considers that all opportunities for passive, low-technology, and energy-saving measures be adopted from the outset.

We focus on the responsibility towards our environment, which boosts the raw extraction of material right through the production and maintenance, with plans for the eventual recycling/disposal of the materials in use. Therefore, our projects follow a full Life Cycle Assessment, producing minimal waste product/environmental impact. Furthermore, we are committed to preserving the economic and social aspects of design. All these factors are assessed in extensive and exhaustive detail. This way, we guarantee an optimal outcome for both our clients and the environment.