Zakariya Masjid, Madrasa and Mosque - Luton

A new purpose-built mosque facility for all genders and ethnic backgrounds. The project includes the Mosque and Madrasa with multifaith facilities for all faith groups. Designed with simplicity, integrity, and respect, it features a contemporary design blended schematically with Islamic architecture.

  • Location:Luton, UK
  • Borough / Council:Luton Borough Council
  • Project Type:Place of Worship (Mosque)
  • Year: 2023-2024
  • Estimated Value: £4.5 M
  • Services Provided:RIBA Stage 1 to 3, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Design Development, Planning Consultant.

For further details, please contact us on 02033624200 or email us on projects@architorium.co.uk

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