Jamiatul Uloom Al Islamia, Extension - Luton

An extension to the existing mosque / madrasa for all genders and ethnic backgrounds. The project includes the Mosque and Madrasa with multifaith facilities for all faith groups. Designed with simplicity, integrity, and respect, it features a contemporary design blended schematically with Islamic architecture.

  • Location:Luton, UK
  • Borough / Council:Luton Borough Council
  • Project Type:Place of Worship (Mosque)
  • Year: 2023-2024
  • Estimated Value: £1.5 M
  • Services Provided:RIBA Stage 1 to 3, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Design Development, Planning Consultant.

For further details, please contact us on 02033624200 or email us on projects@architorium.co.uk

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