Al Madina Mosque, Barking - London

In Islam, bodies have to be buried as quickly as possible and it is preferable to do it on the day the person dies. According to Islamic belief, this is to enable the soul to reach its final resting place as soon as possible and to reduce suffering in the body. Therefore, when a Muslim individual passes away, it is the responsibility of his family and his local Muslim community to wash him according to the Islamic rites of washing the deceased. The deceased’s body should be washed in a clean, secluded, and private location where clean water and soap are available. Carrying out the washing of a deceased person is an honourable task. Keeping this in mind, a new facility was designed with simplicity, integrity, and respect, equipped with state-of-the-art washing equipment and accessories. It is ranked as one of the most respected and equipped facilities in the region.

  • Location:Barking, London, UK
  • Borough / Council: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
  • Project Type: Place of Worship (Mosque)
  • Year:  2017-2018
  • Estimated Value:  £ TBC
  • Services Provided:RIBA Stage 1 to 5, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Design Development, Technical Design, Construction Phase.

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